Tuesday, July 1, 2008

EURO 2008 PIctures

Euro 2008 was a blunder for me...damn you Germans! nvm la..since I'm a England
fan..I expect Germans to crash Spain...in the end..results end up 1-0 and Germans doesn't have the ball possession control..total shots..4 only!! Germans have the highest height in Euro..all their player are SO..freaking tall..but..freaking slow..!!! cant even chase up Torres..haizz..cut the crap..I'm totally disappointed with Germans! but..I'm gonna put up lots of pictures of Germans and Spainians..lol..here some of it..its not according to orders..I'm too lazy to arrange it..

The picture above are Schweinsteiger's wife..wonder why I put up her pictures?

End of the road for German..victory for Spain..finally a..44/46 year drought has end..lol..CONGRATS TO SPAIN AND BOOS TO GERMANS!


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