Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Day Out With Ruionkoh, Terry Chua, Ahmike. and 5kywalker and his's..

Let's get started...today I have an outing with few bloggers with eventually we know each other from Nuffnang..so.. Terry and I were the first to reached the place call Tzu Chi..

We were surprised when we saw Matthew and Leonard..'our school mates' studying in the cafe..since our SPM is drawing nearer..and how bout we? Having an outing..swt..

Michael aka AhMike was the second the reached there..actually din't meet or seen him before..after introducing our self's..Mike show off with his Sony camera and starts snapping pictures around..p.s - so funny la him..

After a while..5kywalker aka Ah Long reached with his friend..p.s - gf ?
He's from Seremban..

Err..I forget what's her name already..remind me anyone? Sorry..

Al rite..now's the tough part.RuionKoh ..reached the latest among all of us..and the guy who organized this gathering..came late..he claimed that is still early..dude..come on la..ha ha!

So..he brought us to to have chicken rice as our breakfast..somewhere at Jonker Street..as for me..this is the first time I been there..ha ha! don't ask why..because I don't know the answer..So..we have group discussion about blogging world and lots of things..to cut things short..let's move to another part.

These pictures were from AhMike camera..actualy..some of us shy to take out our camera when AhMike's camera is much more bigger than ours..so..we let him do all the photographer's work..

Special thanks to RuionKoh who paid for our foods..thanks dude!
p.s - He's rich..
We left immediately after finishing our food..so..we linger around Jonker Street and end up at here..eating cendol.. Terry paid up everything..so..thanks to him!

We had insufficient time..so..after taking group photos..we went back straight..what's with these photo below..

That's all I'm afford to write..for more pictures or info's..visit AhMike's blog...

- We did really have fun, looking forward for the next one.-
- Signing off now..-


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ever Wonder Where Does Cabin Crew Sleep?

Follow the tittle..do you ever wonder where does cabin crew sleep? or course in aeroplane..but where?? Check out the picture below..'don't laugh'

We will begin with...

Boeing 747-400

KLM...these two picture below are the same..

Alrite..next.. AirBus A340

Boeing 777

Singapore Airline..kinda cool too~

SQ-with inflight TV and telecommunications

Air Canada


Air Asia~

Think twice before you wanna choose to work for any airlines..
Omg..I don't wanna get sue for this..its just a joke k..
sshh..don't tell everyone!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Post..SWAt wanna be..

Yess..!! Finally..my trials ended on Monday! Add math do get my brains cracking..enough of that!
Guess what? I skipped school today..oh yeah..that's fun..went to Calvin's house with Terry to have group study with few other friends..we still manage to get our butts on the chair for the hour...after that..its chaos when we found some machines guns...

Suppose to be like this..

In the end..we ended up camwhoring! with these guns!

Wanted dudes!
This shotgun is soo cool!
Future SWAT's ?
I'm aiming at a...Lizard!

and shot it to dead 'konon la'

-Signing off now-


Sunday, September 21, 2008

My New Header

This will be my new header from now on..I'm suck at editing things..so..
Thanks to my friend who helped to edit it for me
those who need help find him Shanwayne
thanks dude!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Roti Anaconda Anyone? Only in Ipoh?

I miss Ipoh..they have a stall name Manchester United..cool izzit?

Beginning of the year I went to Ipoh with friends to attend a camp meeting..kinda cool there..its like kinda of old town type..so..lingering around at night..stop by at a mamak to watch football..my Ipoh friends told me that in Ipoh has a special roti canai..among all the roti names you have heard..but have you ever heard of Roti Anaconda ?
I was like 'what the **' you are talking about when my friend told me that..apparently Ipoh does have such roti..
Being curious enough..we ordered it...

It does look like an anaconda..haha!
It does taste good..

Look at my friend..cute aint he?

It cost around RM 6 to 7 if I'm not mistaken..so far..its the first time for me to see/eat this roti...I could not find it in my hometown too..perhaps only Ipoh has it? p.s - Do correct me if I'm wrong..
So..for you people there plan to visit Ipoh..do order it and make sure you bring you friends along because you can't finish this gigantic food by yourself..ha ha


Friday, September 12, 2008

Day Of Prayers For Peace

Short Updates..
Alright everyone..interested for Prayers for Peace ?
Organized by Lasallians from St. Francis Institution Melaka in conjuction with the United Nation's sanctioned International Day of Peace.

DATE : 11 OCTOBER 2008
TIME : 6.30 p.m - 9.30 p.m
VENUE : Lecture Theatre, St. Francis Institution, Melaka

This are taken from
Teck Peng

The Day of Prayers for Peace offers an opportunity for communities in all places to pray and act together to nurture lasting peace in the hearts of people, their families, communities and societies. The intention of the event is to have the entire world to observe a day of peace and non-violence. In Malaysia, the LaSallian youths took on the responsibility of being in solidarity with the communities out there in organizing this event. Many different groups around the country will be conducting a small prayer session between 6th till 31th October 2008. This year, even Malaysians took the initiative to organize a Global Peace Festival in Bukit Jalil from the 16th till 19th October
Everyone in this world is useful and they are connected. Things won't work if it's not equally developed. In this ever-advancing civilization, we need justice so that all things will be in order. Therefore, we need to respond to worldwide issues.

So..to all people out there? Come and join us for a prayer for peace..
For more infomations..
kindly refer to

Teck Peng


Friday, September 5, 2008

Studying Too Much Can Cause Weird Acting

Damn you exams...pressure's rising!!
New virus had been discover - Camwhore!
Symptoms - Feeling constipated, emo, depressed, weird, laugh on your own, and etc

Trials coming after two more days!! Oh yeah..being 24/7 together with your 'lovely' revision books can cause all sorts of strange behaviour..lucky I found out that I'm not the only one with those symptoms..I didn't realize my friend took that picture above..ha ha!

Victims of new virus -

Here's Shanwayne

Here's Shaun!

Nuff said!
Move on to next topic!


Today..I skipped school..and I'm not the only one who did this..30% of our school students did it too today..all just of studying at home till late night, and the next morning..study again?

So..went out today with Shanz, and Shaun..decided to go for lunch only..after that go back..but in the end..we end up at a place near to the beach to chill our self..well you know..pressure!!
Eventually..the symptoms begin to take effect..
Here is it :

Beside this place is a abandon house..looks kinda of creepy..but Shanz said..why don't we go check it out..dude..yeah..cool idea..we sneak into the house like thieves..ha ha..

Guys..don't even think about jumping down..
Is something behind?

-Feeling 'uninvited'..we left the house after a while..-
-What am I thinking to blog now when my trials are coming in two days?-
-Anyway..wish me luck ya!-