Sunday, July 6, 2008

St.Theresa and St.Francis Confirmation

I decided to put up some old pictures..since today I went to St.Francis Church for my friends confirmation...let me explain it first..confirmation is some sort like..receiving our believes to our God.. like..we will be a true catholic..besides..we get to choose a new name...its some sort like a middle name..I'm not saying bad about others religion k..I'm just explaining it offence...well..I dint choose any of those..although most of my friends choose prefer people calling my own name..ha ha!..
Since today I went to brings some memories of my confirmation at decided to upload some old junks..let start with the new junks first..

This was before they enter the church..getting ready.
Not many people from St.Francis compare to mine at St.Theresa

I only manage to took 3 pictures only..lets move on to mine..
St.Theresa..miss those times...

I was sweating like hell at that time..too hot..

This is our photo..
Try look for me..loll..

We have around 150 in St.Theresa there were 2 Chinese class and 1 English class...practically I'm in the English class..since my Chinese..tsk tsk tsk..kk..I will stop week is St.Peter Church confirmation! ha ha..

-Today football I fracture my elbow + wrist..loll..
- Currently cant really move my right hand now...


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