Thursday, July 17, 2008

Football Memories

My blog have been left to dust since there wasn't any new post going on..besides..I'm lazy and kinda like out of idea what I'm suppose to blog on..Lets move got ha wt news from my school football teacher..he said that we are going to have our Champion School Tournament in two weeks time..tell you..I was overjoyed to hear that..this is because I have..not...We have thought that this Champion School Tournament has been canceled this year..7 different schools from Melaka will represent their ''so call kawasan'' to play..We..St. Francis are from Kawasan Bukit Cina..

For your info..we already made a record this year in our school by winning the Tittle of Bukit Cina...and now..we will represent our 'kawasan' to play for this tournament..if win..we will straight go for National Level..which is another record to be made..''although I think is quite impossible'' ADIDAS says..''Nothing is Impossible Right?'' Just try our best will be'm being sarcastic enough..Joking only..

To think back the journey we have gone through...its quite wonderful experience..we gone all the way here..AND NOW..we have complete what is impossible at our first some of those pictures..

Our tournament will be held in Merlimau..quite far right? loll..dint expect anyone to come and support..haha..anyway..I will wish all the best for St. Francis football same goes for me..loll..


Anyone remember that last year Malaysia host a tournament name CHAMPIONS YOUTH CUP (CYC) ? Its is participate by most of the great clubs in the world such as Manchester United, Barcelona, and blah blah blah...although is only their YOUTH! But..these Youth will be popular as some footballers now in future!
I'm very sure of it..

This year they were suppose to have it too..but..because of the Football Association Malaysia (FAM) + conducted by some stupid MALAYS who almost destroy Malaysian Football..{I'm not being racist here k}..
due to that..CYC is cancel this year!! freak man! curse those guys!
I hope FIFA will take action to the FAM!

Move back to last year..haha..I went to watch they played at Stadium Hang Jebat..since Melaka host 4 great clubs..Manchester United, Porto Fc, Inter Milan and Boca Juniors..lots of people went to watch their game..
Boca Juniors vs Inter Milan

Manchester United vs Porto Fc

As you know..last year I was hanging out with my friends in DP and met some of their players at there too!!
Arghh..what I do was..I and my friend rush back to school to get cameras! (since I was a loyal football fan)
Aha..we manage to take pictures with players from Porto Fc and Manchester United..
ps=Manchester United won the CYC!

Porto Fc and us
Manchester United your info..these picture appeared in television,Astro before..I send it to Football Crazy..guess what they comment about me? they said I looks like I dutch and dutch fans.. cause I'm dress in orange!! wtf..loll...I'm not a Netherlands fans k

In future..these players will become'm consider 'lucky' to meet them..more post will be coming..and..most probably..I will be going to watch Chelsea Match With Malaysia..anyone wants to follow? he he..joking perhaps?


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