Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chelsea Vs Malaysia XI


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  • Ringo
  • Yo was sup people..I'm back blogging with a new brand of post..hehe..nothing new you know..I won 4 match tickets from Kenny Sia and Ringo..ok..this post will have lots of picture...let me begin..Tuesday after school..went back home..get changed..leave at 4pm..pick up some of my friends too..and..we reach around 6 something..match start at 8.45..during that was already like..traffic jam around the like tak sabar to enter the I haven't get my tickets from her..she told me that she will be coming late..tsk tsk..but its OK for me..p.s.- cam whoring around the stadium is fun!

    Then..Alex, Jason and Chong enter the stadium first..left me and Terry lingering around while waiting for Ringo..haha..kinda funny..we did some video recording..I still considering whether to show it or not.. connection goes from good to very very bad as time past..freak man..can't even call anyone..I think its because lots of people using their hand phones at the same makes the whole network ****..I tried to call like..more than you can imagine..and success rate of it..10% last manage to get a call too..Ringo stuck in traffic and we have to collect from Yee Hou..another Nuffnang blogger..just in time..we manage to collect from him at the right time..8.45!

    Rushed inside the stadium..can't find any to stand for the first 45 minutes.. Whole match review..lots of people were in Blues..but..louder cheer came from the Yellows..'I wonder why?'...with possession of 80% for Chelsea and 20% Malaysia..that's my opinion..Malaysia struggle to hit the ball in the net due to bad finishing by their lousy strikers! some of the fans even shouted 'Main cara kampung'..haha..this means that when the ball arrive at one place..there just kick the ball to any direction..haizz..disappointed with Malaysia..and to Chelsea I think they should have score more..and more..Malaysia was on their form for the first 30 minutes..some of them were running out of ha ha..after all..better physical and stamina wins..I wont describe lot about this match..since you can watch it at home or get a newspaper to read.. Here some pictures you can see! Arrival At Shah Alam Main Gate..welcome to Shah Alam Stadium Chelsea VS come I see GUNNERS and Devil's fans? weirdo..p.s.-I'm a Manu Fan k..but I dint wear their jersey..he he.. Astro Ria Host, Jimmy..besides..Sportscenter was there too! Still waiting for my tickets..arghh..Ringo is late..loll.. Waited for too long..decided to call up Ringo again..she said that she stuck in traffic..haha..she said I can collect it from another guy..Yee tickets are ready! too bad..Heineken party was cancel! This tickets is little bit different form the one I won from Kenny..its has a Heineken text up at the left side. The moment we stepped in the stadium..I mean on our way to the seats..the atmosphere was superb! fantastic! perfecto! with the lights shines from every corner, and fans cheering around... Definitely no place for me to seat..I have to stand! We do have Malaysia's fans! Scolari Giving order to J. Cole Deco with the corner second half..I switch my place to another side..and saw
  • Ringo
  • and
  • KY
  • they followed us front too! Final Wiesel ..Chelsea wins..Malaysia isn't that bad after bit compliment to our boys! ha ha.. -On our way back - traffic jam - waited almost like an hour.. -Reach home at 1.30 a.m. - zZZzz... I will stop here..See ya!


    Thursday, July 24, 2008

    Thank You Kenny Sia and Ringo Tan aka Cheeserland


    I couldn't believe what has happen to me few days ago and today..
    I have send a blog entries about Chelsea Tour To Malaysia to Kenny Sia..and I thought I didn't win it from him..eventually..I got his email on Tuesday saying...
    + TWO FREE TRAINING PASS TO WATCH CHELSEA IN was in ** condition..loll..

    Tell you what..I was really shocked because I thought I dint win it..I remember reading his blog...he said he has completely given out all the I thought I dint win it..I try another contest at Ringo's blog..Cheeserland..
    Unexpected..I got email from her today...saying this..
    I won it again? ha ha..damn lucky man!!

    Thanks you k! I really need those tickets! And now..I have 2 tickets worth RM103 and 2 more worth..RM83...besides..I have 2 training pass!! ha ha..I will be going with my be taking the RM103 tickets...and as I promised to my friend..I will be giving him the RM83 tickets if I win the Cheeserland contest..ok..tell you guys...I can't make it to the training Its on next Stadium Shah Alam..6.30pm..+ ANYONE Interested?
    do inform me if any of you people wants it..Chelsea Training Pass

    I really couldn't believe my eyes when I read my email few days ago..and today ones shocked me as well....well..thats my luck are the pictures..

    These are the training pass

    So..once again thank you
  • Kenny Sia

  • Ringo Tan aka Cheeserland

  • I'll be back with more pictures from Shah Alam next week k...


    Sunday, July 20, 2008

    Wildest Football Fantasy While Drinking Heineken

    What makes you feel good when you are watching football in your house or in a football stadium? Its Heineken Beer!!

    Got it?

    Heineken Beer!!

    A lots of people will go crazy just for while you are drinking it...

    Well..maybe you will get an imagination about crazy things or something else...

    but one thing that's for sure..having the best beer with you while you are watching football is certainly the best thing you ever get.. friends told me that the wildest fantasy while drinking with Heineken beer is that you can get is imagining yourself being in television and playing with them..that's in television..Remember what Astro said? 'The Best Seats Is In Your House'' I disagree with that..the best seats is at everywhere IF you have a Heineken beer with you!

    So..what makes so many people gathers at a place without knowing what is best for them?

    Its football!! because wild imagination just will build up during that time...
    A goal from both sides will totally bring the moods up...some football fans around the world will get their Heineken beer with them 24/7..that's the wildest fantasy about it..some even open up their bottles before the match start..funny isn't ?

    While watching at sure don't want to leave your seats just to get another thing to solve this is..get a bucket of Heineken with you!

    Even when you are home alone watching can share your drinks with your lovely pets..that the wildest fantasy you can get..

    Football fans around the world won't go tho a stadium without a beer..don't believe it ? just go check in England, Ireland, Spain and Germans..they will have at least one bottle with them...because they know that a true football fans wants to enjoy their wildest fantasy if their favourite team wins..some can go crazy too..

    So what are you waiting for? get to the nearest store to get one of these!

    And..beware of aliens!

    I think that's all..correct me if I'm wrong..I hope I can get those tickets..
    Looking forward for Chelsea match with Malaysia.

    -Wildest Football Fantasy While Drinking Heineken-

    -PeACe and Please-

    Thursday, July 17, 2008

    Football Memories

    My blog have been left to dust since there wasn't any new post going on..besides..I'm lazy and kinda like out of idea what I'm suppose to blog on..Lets move got ha wt news from my school football teacher..he said that we are going to have our Champion School Tournament in two weeks time..tell you..I was overjoyed to hear that..this is because I have..not...We have thought that this Champion School Tournament has been canceled this year..7 different schools from Melaka will represent their ''so call kawasan'' to play..We..St. Francis are from Kawasan Bukit Cina..

    For your info..we already made a record this year in our school by winning the Tittle of Bukit Cina...and now..we will represent our 'kawasan' to play for this tournament..if win..we will straight go for National Level..which is another record to be made..''although I think is quite impossible'' ADIDAS says..''Nothing is Impossible Right?'' Just try our best will be'm being sarcastic enough..Joking only..

    To think back the journey we have gone through...its quite wonderful experience..we gone all the way here..AND NOW..we have complete what is impossible at our first some of those pictures..

    Our tournament will be held in Merlimau..quite far right? loll..dint expect anyone to come and support..haha..anyway..I will wish all the best for St. Francis football same goes for me..loll..


    Anyone remember that last year Malaysia host a tournament name CHAMPIONS YOUTH CUP (CYC) ? Its is participate by most of the great clubs in the world such as Manchester United, Barcelona, and blah blah blah...although is only their YOUTH! But..these Youth will be popular as some footballers now in future!
    I'm very sure of it..

    This year they were suppose to have it too..but..because of the Football Association Malaysia (FAM) + conducted by some stupid MALAYS who almost destroy Malaysian Football..{I'm not being racist here k}..
    due to that..CYC is cancel this year!! freak man! curse those guys!
    I hope FIFA will take action to the FAM!

    Move back to last year..haha..I went to watch they played at Stadium Hang Jebat..since Melaka host 4 great clubs..Manchester United, Porto Fc, Inter Milan and Boca Juniors..lots of people went to watch their game..
    Boca Juniors vs Inter Milan

    Manchester United vs Porto Fc

    As you know..last year I was hanging out with my friends in DP and met some of their players at there too!!
    Arghh..what I do was..I and my friend rush back to school to get cameras! (since I was a loyal football fan)
    Aha..we manage to take pictures with players from Porto Fc and Manchester United..
    ps=Manchester United won the CYC!

    Porto Fc and us
    Manchester United your info..these picture appeared in television,Astro before..I send it to Football Crazy..guess what they comment about me? they said I looks like I dutch and dutch fans.. cause I'm dress in orange!! wtf..loll...I'm not a Netherlands fans k

    In future..these players will become'm consider 'lucky' to meet them..more post will be coming..and..most probably..I will be going to watch Chelsea Match With Malaysia..anyone wants to follow? he he..joking perhaps?


    Saturday, July 12, 2008

    TAG AGAIN, Different Type

    I just know that I have been tagged by Jaslyn
    ''How many times am I suppose to do tag?? loll..''
    But this one is quite!!

    a. Put your tunes, Windows Media Player, etc on shuffle.
    b. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
    d. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
    e. Put this on your blog

    I don't have my very own list of songs but whatever

    1.If someone says, "Is this okay?"
    Let's Dance - Freestyle Project
    ( ..)

    2. How would you describe yourself?
    Heal The World - Michael Jackson
    (ha ha..I'm a healer?)

    3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
    Winter Wonderland - Jesse McCartney
    (winter?? or Alice in wonderland?? loll.. )

    4. How do you feel today?
    Shadow of The Day - Lin kin Park
    ( weird )

    5. What is your life's purpose?
    The Way you Are - DBSK
    ( I don't live as the way you are... )

    6. What is your motto?
    Sad Tango - Rain
    ( I'm not emo...)

    7. What do your friends think of you?
    O- DBSK
    ( Oh Watt?? )

    8. What do you think of your parents?
    Reasons - Ryan Cabrera
    ( Oh ya..I always give good reason that I will do well in my life..ha ha!)

    9. What do you think about very often?
    Ice Box - Omarion
    (Whats in the ice box??)

    10. What is 2+2?
    Home - Chris Daugthry
    ( Oh ya.when comes to equation means home!!..)

    11. What do you think of your best friends?
    No promises - Shayne Ward
    ( Ha ha..don't ever get a true promise from your friends! ha ha..)

    12. What do you think of the person you like?
    Everything - LIfehouse
    ( yup..this is correct..EVERYTHING! )

    13. What is your life?
    Why Don't You Kiss Her - Jesse McCartney
    ( A kiss?? )

    14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
    Bring It All To Me - N'Sync
    ( Bring what? )

    15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
    Cai Hong - Jay Chou
    (Yeah..rainbow..I agree!)

    16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
    The Way I Are -Timberland
    (Yeah..i will dance in my own way! )

    17. What will they play at your funeral?
    If You Are Gone - Matchbox 20
    ( Ha ha..everyone will be crying then! )

    18. What is your hobby/interest?
    Slam dunk Theme

    19. What is your biggest fear?
    Move On - Rain
    ( Nope..I'M not scare to move on!! )

    20. What is your biggest secret?
    Teardrops On My Guitar - Taylor Swift
    ( it right )

    21. What do you think of your friends?
    Skater Anthem - Pop Shuvit
    ( Most of them are not skaters..)

    22. What will you post this as?
    Harudal - DBSK
    ( Although I dont understand the song tittle..but its a nice song )

    23. What song would you play during your first time having sex?
    BYe Bye Bye - N'Sync
    (ahaha!! one night stand?? lol..byebye..! lol.)

    8 people to tag: Avis, Carynn, Felica, Jia Wei, Khuan Yew, Marilyn, Nicholas, and Terry

    Friday, July 11, 2008

    TAG!! Again?

    OMG..I'have been tagged again!! by dear Marilyn...haha..its quite similar to the last tagged I do..nvm....I will change it a little bit..hehe..just wanna kill some time..that's why I'm doing this!!

    Name : Desmond Choo
    Birth Date : 11 February 1991
    Current Status : Single
    Eye Colour : dark brown??
    Rightly or lefty : Lefty.fully left..

    My Heritage : hokkien mix Hakka..ha ha!!
    My Fears : Not ghost anymore..!! ha ha..I fear of...SPM now!!
    My Weaknesses : Nope..doesn't have one!! ha ha!
    My Perfect Pizza : chicken bologenese + Hawaiian pizza!!

    My thoughts first waking up :DAMN!! Time to go school!!
    My bedtime : I dunno...
    My most missed memory : Fun times with friends!!

    Pepsi or Coke : Coke!
    McDonald or Burger King : McDonald...
    Single or grouped dates : Depends...
    Adidas or Nike : Depends again!!
    Tea or Nest ea :Tea
    Chocolate or Vanilla : CHOCOLATE! better!
    Cappuccino or Coffee : Cappuccino..its the best!!

    LAYER 5 : DO YOU...
    Smoke : Absolutely NOT!!
    Curse : Yup...sometimes..
    Take a shower : WTH??
    Have a crush : Yes No Maybe?
    Think you've been in love : Don't think so
    Go to school :Yeah!!
    Want to get married : Undefined!
    Believe in yourself : Of course!! although most of it is wrong!

    Alcohol : Yeah
    Gone to the mall : Countless of times
    Been on stage : Of course! singing? loll..
    Eaten sushi : it!
    Dyed your hair : nope.but if u count hairspray as a yes then i would go with the yes.

    Played a stripping game : Never ever
    Changed who you were to fit in : Huh??

    To be married : NO ANSWER!

    LAYER 9 : IN A GUY...
    Best eye colour : how i suppose to know??
    Best hair colour : natural...
    Short hair or long hair : Short and medium
    Best height : ......
    Attitude : good guy

    A minute ago : Doing this stuff la!!
    Hour ago : Having my dinner
    4.5 hours ago : Basketball with unknowns...
    1 month ago : freak memory sucks!
    Year ago : Talking to someone

    I love : family, friends , and sports!
    I feel : okay..nothing..
    I hate : Pretenders, rude people , ego maniac!
    I hide : my feelings
    I miss : my holidays!
    I need : Coke!! Thirsty now!

    Okay..anyone feels like doing this..just copy it..I dunno who to tag..
    err..just tell I'm lazy..


    Thursday, July 10, 2008

    Black Out At Add Math Tuition

    Wonder full day out at my add math tuition..
    Tuition starts at 5..after 15 out!! ha ha! this is not the first time I faced no electricity at happen to me condition almost same like this one..loll..
    our add math teacher seems to face this problem for the first time..'I think so la'..
    cause he looks 'kan chiong'...haha..immediately after the black out..
    quick respond came from Me and Shanwayne..we were shouting like
    'GO BACK GO BACK..YEAH!!,and 'TENG CHU!!' go back..ha ha..
    ps: sorry k sir! for shouting cancel after all..loll..
    But before that..I got a call from my friend who now studying in KDU College..asked me whether I wanna play basketball played with him and his friends was thinking..k him..haha..decided to play basketball..

    It was a little weird..yesterday when he came back and asked me to join him for basketball.. I agreed! AND..he asked me whether I have basketball my previous ball lost ad...I told I dun have..he was telling me..why don't you get yourself a new ball? ha ha..I dun wan money some more..loll..
    kk..this is the weird part..after basketball..I went back home and I surprised that I found a new basketball at my dad bought for my brother..ha ha!!

    Second is today..he called me again..asked me to join him again!! haha..I told him I have cant la..for your info : tuition today black out!!
    ha ha..its seems that what he said came to told him to tell me that I will get straight A's in SPM!! Hope this really happen!!! ha ha!!

    That's all for today..


    Tuesday, July 8, 2008

    Chelsea's Trip To Malaysia

    To all Chelsea Fc fans..Chelsea will be coming to Malaysia on 29th July..they will be playing with Malaysia at Stadium Shah Alam...
    Besides..for your info..Mr. Kenny Sia will be giving away 10 pairs of match tickets and 30 pairs of training passes for free!!
    All you people have to do is write a blog entry about Chelsea's tour to Malaysia and it to
    I got some information about Chelsea's Trip To is it :

    Price: RM 33 AND UP

    Students! You can buy the RM53 ticket @ RM 23 at Ticketpro office starting today! Hurry! Only 1000 seats available! Grab it now @ Ticketpro Office (D-2-03A, Dataran Glomac, Jalan SS6/20A, Kelana Jaya 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor). For any information, please call our Ticketpro Hotline at : +603 - 7880 7999

    Students who purchase the RM23 tickets are required to wear their school uniform to the stadium. Those who fail to do so will not be granted entry.

    RM 33 tickets only available at all Ticketpro Outlets.

    Shah Alam Stadium, Shah Alam

    Tue 29.07.2008 - Tue 29.07.2008 - [TICKETS]


    Star-studded Chelsea will play in Malaysia as part of their Samsung Asia Tour 2008-Malaysia! Get your tickets early to watch the Blues in action, playing a Malaysian Selection at the Shah Alam Stadium on Tuesday, July 29, 2008.

    ProEvents, the leading football marketing and management consultancy in Asia, is the sole and exclusive tour promoter for the Tour. Samsung Malaysia is the Match Title Sponsor, while other Official Match Sponsors include adidas, Astro, MAS and Maxis.

    The match will kick off at 8.45pm and is a golden opportunity for all football fans to see the top flight Premier league team in action. The Pre-Season Tour will see all members of Chelsea’s first team, led by Chelsea’s Team Manager, Luis Philippe Scolari, in action as it forms an important part of the Team’s preparation for the 2008/09 season which begins in August.

    Fans can also make online purchases and print their tickets via the E-ticketing facility. Also for the first time, fans will also be able to make purchases via ‘m-tickets’, where an sms/ems, picture message or WAP push will be sent to the fan’s handphone and with that, they can enter the stadium.” This m-ticket will however be only available to Maxis handphone subscribers.

    Chelsea, one of the big four clubs in the English Premier League, is widely popular throughout the world and especially so in Asia where it has a wide fan base. Football fans from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia are also expected to catch this once in a lifetime opportunity to see “The Blues” in action here.



    Tickets can be purchased at : ADIDAS STORE
    Group Thirty Six Sdn Bhd
    Lot BE 023A & 25,
    Lower Floor
    Dataran Pahlawan Megamall
    75000 Melaka

    So..these are the info for Chelsea's Trip To Malaysia..


    Sunday, July 6, 2008

    St.Theresa and St.Francis Confirmation

    I decided to put up some old pictures..since today I went to St.Francis Church for my friends confirmation...let me explain it first..confirmation is some sort like..receiving our believes to our God.. like..we will be a true catholic..besides..we get to choose a new name...its some sort like a middle name..I'm not saying bad about others religion k..I'm just explaining it offence...well..I dint choose any of those..although most of my friends choose prefer people calling my own name..ha ha!..
    Since today I went to brings some memories of my confirmation at decided to upload some old junks..let start with the new junks first..

    This was before they enter the church..getting ready.
    Not many people from St.Francis compare to mine at St.Theresa

    I only manage to took 3 pictures only..lets move on to mine..
    St.Theresa..miss those times...

    I was sweating like hell at that time..too hot..

    This is our photo..
    Try look for me..loll..

    We have around 150 in St.Theresa there were 2 Chinese class and 1 English class...practically I'm in the English class..since my Chinese..tsk tsk tsk..kk..I will stop week is St.Peter Church confirmation! ha ha..

    -Today football I fracture my elbow + wrist..loll..
    - Currently cant really move my right hand now...


    Futsal Again..Anyone?

    Finally.this is my 20TH post..This was suppose to be on Friday...too lazy to I went futsal near..err..somewhere at Klebang..of course not I drive!! My friend..Hakrishan fetched transport..all I gonna say is..dude!! your friends are superb!! lol..this means that..err...I mean there are really really good in futsal!! loll..Singh.. if you are reading me again k! loll..seriously fun playing with there all..its totally different compare to the last time I went with my Pertam with this 'new' people seriously puts me into freaking tired mode! some bruises because I've been shot... by the ball of course!! loll.. less..picture more!!.and one more thing..there was a bunch of girls playing futsal..seriously makes me scared!! .I was watching there all from outside..and..all I can tell is..most of them are better than my team players!! ..girls playing futsal?? quite cool!!..they have pool table too!.. P.S.- its not my first time going there k..

    these are the girls! loll..and BTW..this is a normal court..
    This is V.I.P. played on this court...its made of rubber tiles..think so rich fella..ha ha

    Finish around 11..went makan..somewhere in Malim..after that..went to one of our friend's house..because Hakrishan wanna they are going to midnight bad..I cant late..maybe after SPM la k? lol..and..check out this CPU..belongs to my friends..freaking cool!! don't call me 'jakun' k..

    -Reached home
    -12.20 a.m.
    -and dude! thx for the ride..your car stereo pumps my heart out!! freaking loud!