Friday, October 31, 2008

Freestyle Football Contest Finally Will Be Held In Malaysia!

I got an email from Samsung about this freestyle football thingg..

Arghh..I will definitely be joining this if I wouldn't have to sit for my blardy SPM this year!
AND..only 18 above!! HAIH..wish I'm older..
Change the date to December please ?? haha..
The winner will be heading to Stamford Brigde... 4 days 3 nights!!
The Judge will be the guy
who talks rubbish Shebby Singh!



Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Deepavali Post

As you can see..the picture below was taken last year at Maha's house..that was before..


And this is after...eventually..someone did step on it (KOLAM) - not me..


So..Maha took the risk and invite all of us AGAin this were more careful this year compare to last year..


AFTER..yeah..its still the same..only with lighted candle on it..

Me and Maha


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Expression Crew - Wizard

I really have no idea what I should update...
SO..searching Utube videos will be just fine...

DO Enjoy!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Prom Night 2008

Details are super duper confirmed!

I'm promoting this owe me a meal..
Melaka Prom Night 2008..
Date : 12 December
Time : 7.00 p.m - For those who thinks they look like can come at 8.
Venue : Equatorial Hotel's Ballroom
Price : RM 50
Dress Code : Black and White.. NO WILDLIFE!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cobus Potgieter - Da Drummer!!

Found this video on youtube quite long ago..freaking awesome video! love it!
I gonna post this up..perhaps most of you have already seen it..hehe..

Do Enjoy~!

Drum Cover - Pop by N'SYNC

Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape (DRUMS COVER)


Sunday, October 12, 2008

I cannot Tahan List ( Tagged Type)

So..just wanna follow a post posted by Cheesie ..I cannot tahan list..
How to do?
- List down things that you don't like / cannot tahan.
- Start each of your sentences with I cannot tahan.
- After listing all..tagged anyone from your link.

Desmond's 'I Cannot Tahan List'

1. I cannot tahan people pretentious people/pretenders.. {most important for me)
2. I cannot tahan backstabbers..
3. I cannot tahan people who try to be others..
4. I cannot tahan people who doesnt have emotions..
5. I cannot tahan people who keep trying to msg in cinema..{alot time}
6. I cannot tahan my school systems..
7. I cannot tahan mat - rempits..
8. I cannot tahan brainless people..
9. I cannot tahan people who force other people by following their own way..
10. I cannot tahan ass-lickers
11. I cannot tahan ghost....
12. I cannot tahan ah lians and ah bengs..
13. I cannot tahan drivers who have no sense..commonsense
14. I cannot tahan people who doesn't feel sorry for what they have done
15. I cannot tahan people who uses 'favouring'
16. I cannot tahan exams..? {not really}
17. I cannot tahan rude bus drivers..
18. I cannot tahan our government..sshh..
19. I cannot tahan teachers who gives back late exams paper..
20. I cannot tahan the stock market now~
21. I cannot tahan people who trys to act smart
22. I cannot tahan eating nasi lemak cause its sux!
23. I cannot tahan liars..

24. I cannot tahan when I really need to go to the toilet.

I have 23..not bad..haha!
-So..peoples who I have tagged..{ go with the flow }

-Calvin, Calynn, Carynn, Cindy Gan, Felicia, Jasmine, Jeannie, Hong Rui, Shanwayne, Terrence, Terry and YOU..


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another Piece Of Art

Few more pictures..hehe..time to tell you people how to do it..
please go.. PhotoFunia
Have fun there..~

*Edited *
*More Pictures Below*

We appeared on newspaper..haha!

Lastly..Paris promoting...

Our very own version of KAMI cd album..


Friday, October 3, 2008

Hangout Again..

*Edited Again*

Got this picture from Terry 's blog..damn chun la dude..he edited it..and..I'm not in the photo..

The movie we watched..KAMI..the word on Terence..its not the word you think of..haha! its just 'palat'
This kind of word also they also want to censored..
Not a dirty word for me..

What should I tell...or write ? out with friends yesterday..watched the movie KAMI..
the show actually isn't that bad..rating from me..6/10
and the girls likes Ali and Abu..haha!
oh yess..we do camwhore..using my phone cam..swt..
Felicia don't know last minute buat hal..

Picture's ready! Just copy from my blog..
p.s - let the pictures do the talking..


After that..we did went to Jonker Street..cause we boys..hehe..wanted to visit the Tea House..the girls told that is scary..haha! the place wasn't scary at all..we have Terry as a DJ..

We all were sweating all the way at here..

aND the old lady in the Tea House was very nice..
too bad for someone who can't join us at that time..
we lepak at Terrence's house..last pit stop..

And you all..leftover popcorn for me ?? swt..they dint finish it actually..
so...the popcorn now's with me.. more playing after this..SPm's coming!!-
-Signing off now-