Sunday, June 29, 2008

San Pedro, Early Morning DIM SUM + JETTY KTV!

Here I am..blogging was suppose to blog on Friday and saturday..well..guess I'm too lazy to do make everything easy for me..I blog on Sunday...hectic week for me...haizz..busy perhaps? .lets get everything started..I went to San Pedro on usual..every year I go as usual also...I din stay long at there...I wonder why...haha..they have dance performance on Friday..+ MIX.FM Morning Crew? ha ha..its Mix Fm Road Runners I think...they gave away some goodies...of course I'm not interested in it..cause I went back around 11..after the dance performance...its was soo cool..they have modern dance, belly dance? , haha..and..shuffle!! yeah..I love it..although I only can do it Republic came!! My favourite..haha..maybe most of you dunno what is that..just go on utube and search for them shuffle team in Malaysia perhaps? .went back at 11...damn it..I was walking and my leg..I mean my foot..bang into some kind of..err..broken water paip? ha ha..I 'mata buta' ad..walk also din see toe bleed!!!..sad story! nvm la..

Oh yeah..there's Hard style Republic..''not clear''

I'm gonna end this story about San Pedro..lets move on to Saturday to wake up early..about..5.30..damn it..cause I promise my friends to go eat DIM SUM!!! crazy idea right? wake up in the early morning just to eat....+ we gotta go school for choice..have to go early..around 6.30 we reached..the shop is located somewhere near to Pay Fong High Onm Kin Wee..''sorry due to my bad spelling'' my surprised..I thought we are the crazy wan who comes early to like there's already some customers before 6.30..haha..wonder what time all the DIM SUM workers wake up? respect them man! + a small kid is serving us too! I ate around 4 plates.... which cost me around 7 something...consider quite cheap already to other places...

Have to leave the place around 7 eat that much because of the larian..reached school and we had our cross country...and..I get no.14!! ..should I be proud of it? ..cause the prize will be given to top feel full..maybe because of the DIM SUM!! went back at 10 dismiss early!! and I din eat any lunch!! 7.30 like that..get myself ready again!! ha ha..must go JETTY..a bunch of friends of mine celebrate Jason Yew's birthday!! pick up some of my friends and we reached around 8..traffic jam!! and we booked a large room!! not VIP k....we have around 15 people..cause its fully booked!! loll.. and...we invited two of our school teachers!! ah aha!! its Mr. Yong who teaches History + English and Pn. Cheong which is our GPK YOng join us not Mdm's some picture..din manage to take Mdm Cheong's pic..
Come on sir..sing out loud!
Calvin and Me!! We rocked the party!!
We cam whore little bit..

Our birthday boy!

Come on dude..kiss her!!
Everybody high already!! .

Well..I lost my too much already..haha..went back around, exhausted and will stop here..-Blackout-


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