Thursday, July 10, 2008

Black Out At Add Math Tuition

Wonder full day out at my add math tuition..
Tuition starts at 5..after 15 out!! ha ha! this is not the first time I faced no electricity at happen to me condition almost same like this one..loll..
our add math teacher seems to face this problem for the first time..'I think so la'..
cause he looks 'kan chiong'...haha..immediately after the black out..
quick respond came from Me and Shanwayne..we were shouting like
'GO BACK GO BACK..YEAH!!,and 'TENG CHU!!' go back..ha ha..
ps: sorry k sir! for shouting cancel after all..loll..
But before that..I got a call from my friend who now studying in KDU College..asked me whether I wanna play basketball played with him and his friends was thinking..k him..haha..decided to play basketball..

It was a little weird..yesterday when he came back and asked me to join him for basketball.. I agreed! AND..he asked me whether I have basketball my previous ball lost ad...I told I dun have..he was telling me..why don't you get yourself a new ball? ha ha..I dun wan money some more..loll..
kk..this is the weird part..after basketball..I went back home and I surprised that I found a new basketball at my dad bought for my brother..ha ha!!

Second is today..he called me again..asked me to join him again!! haha..I told him I have cant la..for your info : tuition today black out!!
ha ha..its seems that what he said came to told him to tell me that I will get straight A's in SPM!! Hope this really happen!!! ha ha!!

That's all for today..


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