Sunday, July 6, 2008

Futsal Again..Anyone?

Finally.this is my 20TH post..This was suppose to be on Friday...too lazy to I went futsal near..err..somewhere at Klebang..of course not I drive!! My friend..Hakrishan fetched transport..all I gonna say is..dude!! your friends are superb!! lol..this means that..err...I mean there are really really good in futsal!! loll..Singh.. if you are reading me again k! loll..seriously fun playing with there all..its totally different compare to the last time I went with my Pertam with this 'new' people seriously puts me into freaking tired mode! some bruises because I've been shot... by the ball of course!! loll.. less..picture more!!.and one more thing..there was a bunch of girls playing futsal..seriously makes me scared!! .I was watching there all from outside..and..all I can tell is..most of them are better than my team players!! ..girls playing futsal?? quite cool!!..they have pool table too!.. P.S.- its not my first time going there k..

these are the girls! loll..and BTW..this is a normal court..
This is V.I.P. played on this court...its made of rubber tiles..think so rich fella..ha ha

Finish around 11..went makan..somewhere in Malim..after that..went to one of our friend's house..because Hakrishan wanna they are going to midnight bad..I cant late..maybe after SPM la k? lol..and..check out this CPU..belongs to my friends..freaking cool!! don't call me 'jakun' k..

-Reached home
-12.20 a.m.
-and dude! thx for the ride..your car stereo pumps my heart out!! freaking loud!


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