Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chelsea Vs Malaysia XI


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  • Yo was sup people..I'm back blogging with a new brand of post..hehe..nothing new you know..I won 4 match tickets from Kenny Sia and Ringo..ok..this post will have lots of picture...let me begin..Tuesday after school..went back home..get changed..leave at 4pm..pick up some of my friends too..and..we reach around 6 something..match start at 8.45..during that was already like..traffic jam around the like tak sabar to enter the I haven't get my tickets from her..she told me that she will be coming late..tsk tsk..but its OK for me..p.s.- cam whoring around the stadium is fun!

    Then..Alex, Jason and Chong enter the stadium first..left me and Terry lingering around while waiting for Ringo..haha..kinda funny..we did some video recording..I still considering whether to show it or not.. connection goes from good to very very bad as time past..freak man..can't even call anyone..I think its because lots of people using their hand phones at the same makes the whole network ****..I tried to call like..more than you can imagine..and success rate of it..10% last manage to get a call too..Ringo stuck in traffic and we have to collect from Yee Hou..another Nuffnang blogger..just in time..we manage to collect from him at the right time..8.45!

    Rushed inside the stadium..can't find any to stand for the first 45 minutes.. Whole match review..lots of people were in Blues..but..louder cheer came from the Yellows..'I wonder why?'...with possession of 80% for Chelsea and 20% Malaysia..that's my opinion..Malaysia struggle to hit the ball in the net due to bad finishing by their lousy strikers! some of the fans even shouted 'Main cara kampung'..haha..this means that when the ball arrive at one place..there just kick the ball to any direction..haizz..disappointed with Malaysia..and to Chelsea I think they should have score more..and more..Malaysia was on their form for the first 30 minutes..some of them were running out of ha ha..after all..better physical and stamina wins..I wont describe lot about this match..since you can watch it at home or get a newspaper to read.. Here some pictures you can see! Arrival At Shah Alam Main Gate..welcome to Shah Alam Stadium Chelsea VS come I see GUNNERS and Devil's fans? weirdo..p.s.-I'm a Manu Fan k..but I dint wear their jersey..he he.. Astro Ria Host, Jimmy..besides..Sportscenter was there too! Still waiting for my tickets..arghh..Ringo is late..loll.. Waited for too long..decided to call up Ringo again..she said that she stuck in traffic..haha..she said I can collect it from another guy..Yee tickets are ready! too bad..Heineken party was cancel! This tickets is little bit different form the one I won from Kenny..its has a Heineken text up at the left side. The moment we stepped in the stadium..I mean on our way to the seats..the atmosphere was superb! fantastic! perfecto! with the lights shines from every corner, and fans cheering around... Definitely no place for me to seat..I have to stand! We do have Malaysia's fans! Scolari Giving order to J. Cole Deco with the corner second half..I switch my place to another side..and saw
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  • they followed us front too! Final Wiesel ..Chelsea wins..Malaysia isn't that bad after bit compliment to our boys! ha ha.. -On our way back - traffic jam - waited almost like an hour.. -Reach home at 1.30 a.m. - zZZzz... I will stop here..See ya!



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