Friday, July 4, 2008

Free Movies A Day Before ''Parent Day?'' am I gonna start this? just begin with the free movie la...after hearing that Dataran GSC is giving away free movies..I and Shanwayne decided to go for it..since I not yet been to the new cinemas..I really wanna go..don't care what movie we are gonna watching..the plan came up like..we wanna call around 12 people + girls..but most of the girls refused to go..haizz..tsk the end..7 people only turn up..haha..that also some last minute we call..totally disappointed..but nvm long I can go to the new GSC can already..since I finish early that day...I was supposed to redeem the tickets..damn you guys! I suffer at there man..freaking long queue..after..minutes of turn..but..damn freaking gsc limits one person maximum can redeem 4 tickets at one time..I begged the aunt at the counter..but she refused to give me another extra I did is I was like ''pura-pura'' tying my shoelace..then I switch to another smart am too bad..while I was asking for the new 4 person..freaking malay guy came to me and asked me that he saw me took the 4 tickets already..haizz..freak you man..what can I say?? he asked me to show the tickets..and if I want to redeem another 4..I have to queue up again..damn I did what he said..while queuing again..I mean almost half way sold out!!! can you imagine how mad was I at that time?? lucky I saw my some of my school form 6 friends..they asked me what movie I gonna watch..tell asked me whether I want extra tickets not..cause the got they wrong tickets ++ the tickets are in the same row as mine!! haha!! to them man..!! and some of you must thank me for doing all this stuff!! watched Horton Hears A Who..all I can say is..this movie makes me fall into my dream...boring show!.... the counter shows that the ticket are sold out...but the cinema seems to be empty..curse those people who taken the tickets but dint watch..! nvm la..I'm a the new gsc aren't bad anyway..better than MBO perhaps?
Watched this

The new GSC are cool!
Come on her something from that shop! ha ha!
Took some pictures at DP
Love this picture!

After the movie..went to lepak at OLD wanna spend my time having fun..enjoy till the last!! ha ha..because on Thursday will be our school Perjumpaan back around 6 something..thx to Shanwayne la..cause he fetched helmet some more..saw police half I jumped down and I don't think so the policeman notice day for me..saw one of my school teacher'm not using guess the teacher notice it..haha..
We used the kampung way to go back..loll

Lets move on to the Parents din go la..well..went school around 4 something to take the report card..with my dad some results sinks!! lol..lucky..I'm consider a 'good boy' in the class teacher din complained anything about me! but that doesn't goes for my dad..went home and I was given lecture by my parents..ok..I promise that I will study hard k? loll..currently now I'm in little bit of depression mix with pressure!!


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