Wednesday, August 6, 2008

mY 30TH Entries..- Winning Is...

30th post..finally..nothing should be proud of..still the same..nothing that long ago..I joined a futsal competition held in Sports team came up 4th!! not bad*claps*..coming 4th from 124 teams participated in the games..

No medals, nor trophies..just money!! and.its too little..RM 150 divided by 7 people? Rm21 each..
We had to play 2 match in group before proceed to the knockout me..its tough! This is the knockout table.
Eventually...we were the one one of the semi finalist who made it first..Go ON Sytlosics..
Thanks to Liverpool homeground..haha..we played from the beginning till quarter finals in kicked out in Barcelona's home ground..tsk tsk..

A day before..we also joined the Futsal Sponsor by Astro!! Some Malay artist took part also..and..we came up..err..what should I tell? 2nd?
Some AF singers
Thats Zahid from AF2

we receive some goodies from Astro!

THats all..Olympics will start in 2 more days..countdown!


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