Sunday, June 15, 2008


Finally..i have time to reopens this week..well..this week is a 'cursed' week for me..for me..i think I'm being emo for this whole week..lots of things happen to me..'i wonder why?'..what did I do? it takes days for me to recover from that..i not gonna tell what happen..and..I still feels depressed now!
well..i just finish my stupid moral folio! it took me..around..3 days..from 10-12 to complete it..damn! but it ok..30 marks for SPM I think.. week gonna be a hectic week for me..its all about football, football and football training..shit.damn you organizers..for organizing such an important competition at so late..'well ***** people always do works like that'...lucky for tuition are off next week..but..i'm still thinking..gosh..
when i can stop football??? hope this is the last for me..or else....
haizz..ok..enough is enough..time to flash back to some fun moments!!

Credits to my BM BM tuition looks like promoting lots of things..haha...well..he's rich..
lol..they gave all of us free you
A Card To Pump Petrol..
Cikgu..cukup la..dont bluff us! haha..jkjk..{ the three person in front seems to believe what he said''}
haha..conversation : Teacher : Kamu pump petrol kat ESSO, opposite sana saja..kamu boleh dapat mata..dan boleh tukar untuk ganjaran..boleh dapat kereta Proton tau..
{ they sial..!! later we all go pump!! }
I And Shanwayne being crazy..well..this is my first smile of the week..credits to him! ha ha..

That's the update about me for the whole week..hope tomorrow will be a great day for I finish up my you guys something..
sorry K Chelsea Fans!!

I will blog more next week..chill everyone!!

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