Saturday, June 7, 2008

FInal Day Out For Holidays

Looks like this is my last activities with friends during this holiday..haha..seriously wanna spend it wisely {in fun way}...enjoy as much as i four of us..looks like we very free right? haha..well..its wrong..haha..all of us just wanna spend our holiday....cause..staying at home is just too pick up Terry at 1 up Terrence and Wee Loon at mp..haha..we watched Kungfu Panda..tell you guys what..this show..are made for small kiddos...haha..nola..jk show seriously brings laughter..haha..comedy what..+ the panda is cut things short..we went to Shakey's Pizza for our..err..should i say tea time? nah..all of us are was around 4 go football eat some more..die man..later we was waiting for our food....haha..I And Terry came up some plan..hehe..guess what?? we plan to do things like Carynn, Cindy and Jeannie..{ their blog has it } and Terry went to MPH to get those funny..we went straight to the counter and ask for these

..and the conversation was something like this....

Terry : Kak..can we have those Hannah Montana 3D specs? Our friend wants it..loll..
{ the kakak and some other workers there look at us one kind..with some weird expression on their faces}

Worker : Err..ok..but you guys have to pay for it..its not free..
{ So..I and Terry was much? then the worker laughed }

Worker : Nvm..its guys can have many do you want?
{ha ha..I and Terry quickly took 4 of man}

So..went back straight to Shakey's them those specs..and they laughed like hell..well..its okay for least I and Gui Geng did something that most boys wont do are those pictures....
Hehe..sorry..we are copy writing someone..ha ha
Same old post..
Was Up?

Eat pizza also use this.
funny...using 3G in Shakey's Pizza..just to contact our friend..sitting in front of us only..
Check out these two guys..they look alike with the picture? Hancock!
This was in the car!!

Guess my holiday activities will end here....well..i guess i enjoy my holidays!!loll..and sorry yea..for copy writing you all..haha..joking gonna reopen day gonna start again!!!

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