Sunday, June 22, 2008

Watch This..SYTYCD 2


*New video has been it below*

I just bang into this video and I think its is awesome!
Two of this contestant dance lyrical hip hop..{ i guess i spell it correctly }
You people watch it....just for the first 3 minute will be enough...and then give some comments......

This is another video by me...its from one of the choreographer from SYTYCD..Yannus..
I think this video is better than the one above..he he..



I just wanna continue this post..since it is not long..tsk..ok..I went to a optical shop with my family today..just wanna check my bro's eyes..he complain that he cant see things clearly...well..he had his eye checked by a eye checking machine...his result turn out quite...err..not okay..this means that he Must wear a specs...haha..pity him..I'm dad force me to check my eyes almost everyday I face my computer screen...tsk tsk..okay..I listen to him..haha..I have my eye checked by the stupid I called it stupid? cause the results turns up like this..

MY right eye has a power up to 350!! and my left..just 75..what the hell is this??.

The lady was asked me..'' din wear a spec?? your power is much much more higher than your brother'' tsk..I was thinking..'' eyes are okay for me and the results turn up that I have 350 power on my right eye?'
my dad asked me whether I need to get a pair of spec answer is..hell no!! ..there was nothing wrong with my eyes..haha..the machine was spoil in my back..I mean after friend called me up whether I wanna go eat a not...he will come and fetch said okay since transport are provided...I thought just eat we end up at..MBO!!
.watch the movie GET SMART..haha..this movie was awesome!!! usual..took some pictures!!

We have reached!!
nIC looks 'eh em' with that sunglasses!! ha ha
Cam whore in lift? loll..
Cold storage
I'm looking forward to this movie..DRAGON BALL!!! MY Favourite!!!

Okay...after everything..I mean went back..reached home around day I'm outside..haha..from morning 9 a.m. till all for today!!

-PeACe AgaIN-

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