Saturday, June 21, 2008

Flash Back...How Lucky Are We ?

This pose is gonna be different ab might shocked you a little bit? haha.....this post suppose to be post on yesterday...due to my lack of strength..I wasn't manage to post it...haha..too tired la..! lol..anyway..lets get things started..I actually register myself for a trip to a place called PUSAT KANAK-KANAK TERENCAT AKAL funny..why I'm I doing kidding..haha..well...its located somewhere at Klebang..before this trip..I was thinking..''this place sure kinda suck up wan! maybe I will kena attack or ambush by the 'people' there"..I was like..yerr..I wont touch 'them'...THIS WAS MY THINKING BEFORE THE TRIP...
Actually...By thinking this way...YOU ARE WRONG!! oh well..I am wrong I this place brings some good expression for me...we reach there around 1.30...we were welcome by the owner..{ I think so la }...fuhh..finally reach..I guess..die la..I must be mentally the place..err..everything was fine for me.. I guess I can take Mdm who welcome us gave us some explanation what really was their hopes to the 'people'...most of the 'people' there have disable mental...or down syndrome...most of 'them' there were dump by their 'so called parents la'
My prediction about all the bad things at this place was totally wrong!!
TRUST ME...'they are harmless'..there was some you can even talk to them...and there was one girl..we can play was one..guy or girl? I not totally like L in Death Note..attitude,the way of sit, behavior and most style. I din took his/her things short..the place was nice for me to show you people some pictures..and DO NT WORRY..I was kinda like a pro din take their bad pose or something else that will shocked some of you guys! ...

This is the place..Anyone wants to visit..the address is written there...
Well...Jeremy tried to talk to them..they part was kinda funny...I was the first to talk to them..I ask..'how are you in Chinese'' the 'guy' replied 'good'..haha..then..I told Jeremy about it..and I ask again the same question..he replied again..after that..Jeremy ask again,then, Lucas , ha ha..lastly Michelle..tsk tsk..the question was asked for 5 times!! ha ha..I guess the 'guy' sure pissed off!!
This was the 'active' wan..which can quite understand what we said..we have fun with 'her' her?

We brought them pillows!!! and we gave them!!..I guess they will be happy....

Did you see that gun 'she' was holding..some of us tried to snatch that from her...ha ha..

Good times pass by fast? .our us reach around...2.45...I thought it will be an air-con bus..haha..cause Michelle said up..tsk tsk tsk...dunno what type of bus..have Mercedes logo in front some more..ha ha..

This post stops you people will have fun reading it!


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