Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So...this is where i stayed..TIARA BEACH...haha..the place very nice..beautiful..lolz..but service like fk!! ha ha..i post up some pictures of TBR first..loll..

This is somewhere at the main entry..

They call it Malaysia Largest Man Made Pool..i don't think so..loll.

Night was better!

Well..this place seriously nice right?
Check out their sauna! time for AVILLION REsort..this resort was build ed on top leh?...lolz...i dunno what is this place my friend..Wee Loon..haha...cause his dad build this guess his know la..haha..guess what he replied me?? he told me this place is call something like ''ROYAL GARDEN''..haha..dude..its wrong!! ha ha..

I Manage to find this place at night..

JUst look at the view..damn cool..

This place is better for me...ha ha..

Haha..well..i manage to promote this place..lolz..and i dint even get a pay for two resorts seriously have nice plans to visit PD Next?

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