Wednesday, June 4, 2008


OK...I'm back blogging..haha..went pd yesterday..haha...with family...went to a resort call TIARA BEACH RESORT...well..long time din go there already..ok..tell you guys what...this place seriously sucks for me..service like f***..haha..feel like killing the workers when i talk to's some pictures of it when i check in the room..and they told it was ready!! konon..

There was flu in the tissue box!!!
Have to use stairs..damn..i stayed in 4Th floor man!!

After my dad complained..haha..they change for us a new suite..lolz..and its bigger..haha..served them right!! topic...ITS ALL ABOUT FOOD...haha..well..i had chicken rice again...damn it man..'why every time also chicken rice??'' mum bought choice have to eat..ha ha..

Ha ha..skip this part..loll..

Ha ha..sea of my to this shop for my dinner..tell you what..this shop seriously is very reasonable and cheap...lolz..++ nice some more..ha ha..

this what i had for dinner...

Nice leh?

After that..went somewhere where it looks like a pasar malam for me..haha..check out some of this stuff below.....

That's all for my small gonna post up two of the resorts in PD...''next post''


Spectre said...

i more worst than u ! 19th floor my former rented room at KL without power and lift is not working!

sabahking said...

i love to eat seafood. The seafood is really nice when see the photo but i cant eat it !!