Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Something I should post up not long ago..due to my lazy-ness..extend it till now..so..let's begin..been to police station..yeah..its fun there..
don't get me mistaken k..I'm not into those criminal stuff and I end up at there ok..
I follow my friend to make a police report about his lost identification card..IC
His wallet got stolen by some ** people! curse them..!

Omg..tell you people what..just to make a small report and it took around 45 minutes to get it done? Wanna know why? Cause this policeman are not good at typing computer words..type so long..in the end..the statement came up so short..funny thing is what..he types like a person who just learn how to use a com..I know I'm being mean here..totally no offence..get to my point..government workers should learn how to use a computer well okay..

Here's one more thing..now I know why BM is so important at our country..because this statement made by the policeman just makes me laugh..its like a primary short essay..spelling mistake all around..and some word doesn't make sense..

Its cost RM 2 for this? never mind la..ha ha..

-My trial is coming next week..so..I think there will be no updates for a moment-
-Signing off now-



Borneo Falcon said...

Last time I made a report, it went pretty fast, probably twice faster than yours. Well, the grammar mistake is also imminent in the report in my case also

reanaclaire said...

hi..i understand what u mean... about the police and the station.. i been experiencing that few times.. yes, took them ages .. one time, i typed for them cos cant tahan the slowness..

Johnny Ong said...

and u managed to snap that photo??? hehe

desmondch said...

yup..its normal la..they doesnt know bm..haha..ya..manage to snap their photo..cool leh..

nicole said...
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nicole said...

i've been to a police station to report on a break-in to the company before.
same thing - rm2 and the very short report which took eternity. i think they were trained to do that.