Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Melaka Prom Night 2008

The details are not confirmed..will be announce soon!

Hey guys and gals out there..Melaka Prom Night 2008 will rock you people on!
Kindly refer to me or the organisers as written in the fyler for more information..
So..what'cha waiting for ?
Get your tickets now!
Get your dates too!

Price - Not confirmed..but it should be below RM 50

Nang or Dang

p.s.- I'm searching for prom dates...anyone ? *haizz..*



Johnny Ong said...

u mean u have a prom nite in malacca also? hehehehhehe

desmondch said...

yup..coming soon

terrytsang said...

wow... prom night. should be a very exciting event!