Friday, September 5, 2008

Studying Too Much Can Cause Weird Acting

Damn you exams...pressure's rising!!
New virus had been discover - Camwhore!
Symptoms - Feeling constipated, emo, depressed, weird, laugh on your own, and etc

Trials coming after two more days!! Oh yeah..being 24/7 together with your 'lovely' revision books can cause all sorts of strange behaviour..lucky I found out that I'm not the only one with those symptoms..I didn't realize my friend took that picture above..ha ha!

Victims of new virus -

Here's Shanwayne

Here's Shaun!

Nuff said!
Move on to next topic!


Today..I skipped school..and I'm not the only one who did this..30% of our school students did it too today..all just of studying at home till late night, and the next again?

So..went out today with Shanz, and Shaun..decided to go for lunch only..after that go back..but in the end..we end up at a place near to the beach to chill our self..well you know..pressure!!
Eventually..the symptoms begin to take effect..
Here is it :

Beside this place is a abandon house..looks kinda of creepy..but Shanz said..why don't we go check it idea..we sneak into the house like thieves..ha ha..

Guys..don't even think about jumping down..
Is something behind?

-Feeling 'uninvited'..we left the house after a while..-
-What am I thinking to blog now when my trials are coming in two days?-
-Anyway..wish me luck ya!-



Hurley said...

dont slit ur wrist, pal. I'll still be visiting.

desmondch said...

haha..a while only okay..not

Xie Bin said...

wow! the abandon house is so cool!