Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Post..SWAt wanna be..

Yess..!! trials ended on Monday! Add math do get my brains cracking..enough of that!
Guess what? I skipped school today..oh yeah..that's fun..went to Calvin's house with Terry to have group study with few other friends..we still manage to get our butts on the chair for the hour...after that..its chaos when we found some machines guns...

Suppose to be like this..

In the end..we ended up camwhoring! with these guns!

Wanted dudes!
This shotgun is soo cool!
Future SWAT's ?
I'm aiming at a...Lizard!

and shot it to dead 'konon la'

-Signing off now-



Martin Miller-Yianni said...

I don't know - the kids today........

Spectre said...

des is armed and dangerous like spectre but i only use metal chair thingy XD

Leslie Johnson said...

I heard it is really awesome if you shoot your self in the eye. I dont know where I heard that but it must be true.