Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Day Out With Ruionkoh, Terry Chua, Ahmike. and 5kywalker and his's..

Let's get started...today I have an outing with few bloggers with eventually we know each other from Nuffnang..so.. Terry and I were the first to reached the place call Tzu Chi..

We were surprised when we saw Matthew and Leonard..'our school mates' studying in the cafe..since our SPM is drawing nearer..and how bout we? Having an outing..swt..

Michael aka AhMike was the second the reached there..actually din't meet or seen him before..after introducing our self's..Mike show off with his Sony camera and starts snapping pictures around..p.s - so funny la him..

After a while..5kywalker aka Ah Long reached with his friend..p.s - gf ?
He's from Seremban..

Err..I forget what's her name already..remind me anyone? Sorry..

Al rite..now's the tough part.RuionKoh ..reached the latest among all of us..and the guy who organized this gathering..came late..he claimed that is still early..dude..come on la..ha ha!

So..he brought us to to have chicken rice as our breakfast..somewhere at Jonker Street..as for me..this is the first time I been there..ha ha! don't ask why..because I don't know the answer..So..we have group discussion about blogging world and lots of things..to cut things short..let's move to another part.

These pictures were from AhMike camera..actualy..some of us shy to take out our camera when AhMike's camera is much more bigger than ours..so..we let him do all the photographer's work..

Special thanks to RuionKoh who paid for our foods..thanks dude!
p.s - He's rich..
We left immediately after finishing our food..so..we linger around Jonker Street and end up at here..eating cendol.. Terry paid up everything..so..thanks to him!

We had insufficient time..so..after taking group photos..we went back straight..what's with these photo below..

That's all I'm afford to write..for more pictures or info's..visit AhMike's blog...

- We did really have fun, looking forward for the next one.-
- Signing off now..-


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