Friday, October 3, 2008

Hangout Again..

*Edited Again*

Got this picture from Terry 's blog..damn chun la dude..he edited it..and..I'm not in the photo..

The movie we watched..KAMI..the word on Terence..its not the word you think of..haha! its just 'palat'
This kind of word also they also want to censored..
Not a dirty word for me..

What should I tell...or write ? out with friends yesterday..watched the movie KAMI..
the show actually isn't that bad..rating from me..6/10
and the girls likes Ali and Abu..haha!
oh yess..we do camwhore..using my phone cam..swt..
Felicia don't know last minute buat hal..

Picture's ready! Just copy from my blog..
p.s - let the pictures do the talking..


After that..we did went to Jonker Street..cause we boys..hehe..wanted to visit the Tea House..the girls told that is scary..haha! the place wasn't scary at all..we have Terry as a DJ..

We all were sweating all the way at here..

aND the old lady in the Tea House was very nice..
too bad for someone who can't join us at that time..
we lepak at Terrence's house..last pit stop..

And you all..leftover popcorn for me ?? swt..they dint finish it actually..
so...the popcorn now's with me.. more playing after this..SPm's coming!!-
-Signing off now-



C.M. said...

Looks like ya'll had fun.

desmondch said...

yup..we do..;)

Spectre said...


desmondch said...

swt..original la..