Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How To Check Your National Service Results.

Hey everyone!..National Service results is out..all you have to do is
SEND IT TO 15888


SEND IT TO 33995

I'm lucky that I dint get chosen! ha ha! They replied me..''Harap Maaf Anda Tidak Terpilih, Jika Berminat Sila Hubungi 03****''


Few of my friends get chosen..their replied ms gs were '' Tahniah, Anda Telah Terpilih...''

kinda funny..I think they should twist the statement around..get a Tahniah for not getting chosen and Sorry for getting chosen..
Anyway..good luck to everyone..!
Thank God for NOT choosing me..if not..I will get into situation like this..
Staying under the sun...Blasting A Cannon! To our dorm! or pelatih's office! ha ha!
Sleeping in the room full of haze = Gas
OR Most Importantly!

Getting Lost In The Jungle!
*Cricket sounds*

{No offence k everyone }



=ʑɛɳ9night= said...

Lucky you bro.Mind if i "borrow" some of those pics to put in my blog ? hehehe thanks in advance

desmondch said...