Saturday, August 23, 2008

Malaysians English ? Thats the way we speak ar

blog readability test

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Sorry ya for my late updates..being too busy let's get started...all right this sounds unbelievable to blog reading level are for elementary schools ?? freak..I can't accept it and
oh my..too much mix Malaysian English in my blog..but I'm not the only one who has this ranking.. Kenny Sia and Ringo also have it proud perhaps?
I'll try to fix on my 'mix Malaysian English okay ?'
but some sorts I found out that writing in mixing languages is fun! yeah..ha ha..
apparently my friend bought a shirt from kl and its written in Mix Malaysian English...
here is it..
The words too small for you to on the below picture

This is our own Malaysian English..I know its sounds bad..but this is the way we all speak everywhere.. about comparing our English with Singapore English?
Who's better...I have no idea..
p.s.- I will try to improve on my English OK..*joking only*


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