Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Job Searching

So...went to search for jobs today with Shanwayne, Wee Loon and Jasmine..(pimpo)
First stop..Digi Centre..tell you what..while filling up our application form..we camwhore..
haha! I think the workers at there think we macam budak -
In fact..we went to Dreambox to apply for job too~ hopefully get la..cause the pay is higher..

Aiyo..I ticked everything...haha~

They told us that we have to wear costume if necessary
so..dont get shock if you see us wearing these!
Yellow man...



Tekkaus said...

Hie there! I'm new here! War, went ot apply for DiGi work centre? You guys might get to wear the yellow guy suit? It surely looks funny! Anyway all the best with your job search. Merry X'mas! =)

desmondch said...

thx alot man dude~