Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beach Party! Lots of Pictures!

*DOUBLE EDITED* - from Jasmine's blog

- I got some pictures from Adelia's cam..

Went to survey the beach somewhere in..Masjid Tanah I Pantai!
Here are some pictures that I took from Lara's blog..

OKay..the beach area was nice!
We planned to have a beach party next two days!
soo..move on! We called up everyone!
10 girls 6 boys...definitely cool~
I wont elaborate much on it cause you can read all the details from Calynn or Carynn's blog..damn detail..haha!
Pictures from Calynn's blog..still waiting for Jasmine's one..

Our volleyball game turn out to be..a serving game and then..monkey game.....swt...

And still the same....


Gurls do camwhore alot....dont believe ? check out their blog..haha..

My turn..hehe..

We have some fisherman wanna be...

After a while..they caught nothing...

Something happen..haha..Prabu's car got stuck into the
Teambuilding...17 people pushed the car back...haha!
Damn Prabu..your car is damn heavy!

Makan time..BBq..! looks like everyone dint see fire before..

We have some les...

And then..gays...ewww....

Till then...goodbye!



kennhyn said...

beach bbq is the the way, where's the beer??

desmondch said...

under age man...haha!

prasys said...

Hahahaha , I couldn't stop to laugh when I saw guys were hugging. Man , I don't know what else to say. Its soo different. Seems that you guys did enjoy the BBQ...But then where is the beer as said by kenn ?...

desmondch said...

prasys...we are not gay man..haha..
and beer..cause we are underage! haha..maybe next year will do.~

Jordan said...

Beach fishing requires the super long rod for long range trow. The rods they are using seems to be the normal type, lol. Nowander no fishes XD

desmondch said... wonder la..