Sunday, October 19, 2008

Prom Night 2008

Details are super duper confirmed!

I'm promoting this owe me a meal..
Melaka Prom Night 2008..
Date : 12 December
Time : 7.00 p.m - For those who thinks they look like can come at 8.
Venue : Equatorial Hotel's Ballroom
Price : RM 50
Dress Code : Black and White.. NO WILDLIFE!



PehHwa said...

Haha.. yea, the price is quite reasonable.

terence said...

what's the prom night for?
school? blogger?

desmondch said...

terence..its for school..haha..

pehhwa..wah..serious? I thought expensive already..=)

jerine said...

why don't you try michael jackson? can be white or black

desmondch said... do..=)

kang yong said...

high school??

desmondch said...

kang yong..yeap..high school~