Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Michael Jackson Man in The Mirror LIVE - BUCHAREST

There's something in this video that I don't understand.
why there are some fans who faint or pass out in the video ?


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LadyK said...

I love this video! Miss him so much. Anyway, the reason that people faint and pass out at concerts (not just MJs) is usually associated with "festival seating". Basically, there are no seats, everyone stands, AND because everyone is standing, there is nothing keeping them from standing too close to those in front of them. Everyone crowds everyone else trying to get close to the performers. A lot of people get crushed and can't breathe. Sometimes you see persons getting moved to the front of the concert by being moved along over the crowd. They are injured somehow and need to get to paramedics in the front. People along the fence/retaining wall usually get crushed more than those in the middle, but not always.
A lot of people have died during concerts that have festival seating, over the years. Sad