Monday, July 27, 2009

Divorce Cakes

Do you know that we have divorce cakes ??
Specially for divorce.=)
So next time if you have already divorce, just buy a divorce cake to celebrate it!



The Silicon.Shaman said...

I would have though that last one was more a wedding cake...I mean, she's dragging him off !

alvinkq said...

wow.. Its a great new u got there..! Divorce cake..! hahaha..!

Anonymous said...

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desmondch said...

silicon : that cake is for husband that listen/scare of

alvin : haha..thanks man!

alch : hi,thx for dropping by.=)

Anonymous said...

I think we are in a sad state when the most negative side of such an unfortunate turn of events ie: divorce, should bring out an even darker nature that the orderer of such a cake would have. If Celebration is in order then shouldn't it be lighthearted and fun. I would think that all of the negativity and pain suffered from the event itself would have been enough.