Sunday, May 10, 2009

my life

bits n bites of chookoochiau's life.
yes im louis koo's long lost bro.
so my name is chookoochiau.
i love to sleep.
im so to own a mamee factory.
i want PINKY as my girlfriend.
i want to own the company so that i can own PINKY because pinky parents only like rich guys.
i love manchester united.they rock
i love christianoronaldo.
i wan to be the next alex ferguson.who curses his players all the time.
im having a current disease called LOAD.
im super LOAD all the time.
i love talking cock to my friends.
talking cock is my favourite past time.
i used to talk to my now-in-spca-dog.
her name is yoyo.
dun ask me why her name is yoyo.
i wanted to name her milo,swift and etc..but it didnt work out.


she doesnt know how to bark.
she is a noob for a dog.
for the past few days she bite my my parents tulan n send her to spca.
i miss her alot.
i miss talking cock to her at night.
i miss looking at the meteor with her.
i will visit spca soon yoyo! wait for me.
thats all


mary blackchurch said...

Get YoYo back, or find her a home. She deserves better than the were probably her hero!

Like your poem and good luck with rich girls parents...good luck with rich girl too.

Rescue YOYO!

desmondch said...

oh well..thanks alot for your good to know that someone cares for her..