Saturday, May 16, 2009

Malaysian Dream Girl Season 2 Final

Pinky, Dawn, Juanita

I have been following MDG 2 since...err..I duno when la..
And yesterday was the final...wth man..Juanita won ??
Na bei..what's wrong sial..
Somemore..lead the votes by 20k..I wonder who votes so much for her....
Nvm though..Juanita deserve to win..'if not..Juanita's fans will kill me'

Just look at her picture..

What is this ?? Red Bull not yet wake yet sial....

Anyway..I just feel that Pinky deserve to win more than Juanita..Maybe she couldn't get enough supports from her fans..haih...she is the 1st runner up.

Chun rite ?

As for Dawn..she did quite well also...if she wins also tak pe... 2nd runner up...


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