Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wassup Genting

Finally I have time to blog about our trip...
I will blog about Genting first...KL trip will be my next post..''too many pictures''
let's begin..p.s - { I will try to make it not that 'gay' }
wohoo..spend one night at there and half of our money were
And..what can you all expect from us ? We Boys do camwhore..

I saw Torres at Genting balls..

Apa ini...

We move our butts to Snow World..and for your Snow World we are not suppose to bring camera in~

Enuff said rite ??
Camwhore session begins...

We do this

And this

And this

And this


OK LA..checkout time...we played outdoor on our second day

This proof that I tried Solero Shot..hehe~


Thats all I think..KL post is next~



QIN said... solero shot == kia eh..

Anonymous said...

Watch Natsha Naked!

Charmain said...

in the bathroom too?? LOL. really camwhoring you guuys. but the second last pic is nice. macho sikit after all that. haha...

desmondch said...

Qin..hehe.normal la..must try wat..

charmain..nola..that one is in toilet..haha..thanks

QIN said...

try your otak. once i go up, go down ady become org gila XD

desmondch said...

qin..aiya..can wat..everything in life must try once..haha!