Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dragon Ball Screening

This is my first movie premier by Nuffnang..I have been anxiously waiting for
this movie to be released...and tell you guys what..
I was expecting quite an interesting movie act but it ends up with disappointments..
Honestly...the character acted by them were so FAKE...not really
And..I don't mind the director changing the story line..cause if ya follow the real story line..the movie will end up in dustbin...
Come on la..GOku studying in high school and knows how to flirt ?
ONLY some of the part of the movie is hillarious..

OK..I do met other bloggers..Bernard, Jloi izzit ? and Ev...

And Robb

THats all..



wen pink said...

hello~ haaha i was there too for the movie! XD
and i remember when u took the pic with EV, Bernard and JLoi.. kekeke!

desmondch said...

wen..haha..why you dint call me..haha
can take pic together also

Jackie Loi said...

omg paiseh i dunno which 1 is u =X

desmondch said... its ok..haha..=)