Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Birthday Gurl Partyyy..Gayness!

Ok..I guess I'm the last one to update about this...damn!
Nvm..let's get things started..Jeannie Yeo is finally 18th! *Dah boleh masuk pure*
I came late for the outing..(damn work)..and shit..I miss out the free food!! least Carynn's cupcakes fill up my hungriness!!! haha!
p.s - Next time can buy from you ?? lol...jkjk..
Btw... I went into a Gay Pub (Eleven)~~~ hehe..this is what I'm happy at..
Found a new gay partner too~ yeah!!

AND NOW..............

I officially announce that I'm Gay!!



Harmony said...

You don't look gay though.

twenty=six said...

u got no enough point to be gay lah..haha

M-Tequila said...

post a picture showing u french kissing with a guy, lips to lips, tongue to tongue. then i believe u're gay.

desmondch said...

harmony..yeah..I noe..haha!

twenty=six..I give u more points soon~

M-Tequila- ewww...wont do that man~

Anonymous said...

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