Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Car Accident Encounter!

Why...Why it has to be me ???!! I had an accident yesterday! At St. John hill..
Damn blardy driver who bang me from behind!
Funny thing is..the guy car is also a Kembara..same with me..blardy fool!
p.s - I think his Kembara horny la that time! Gave me a fk -ing bang from back!
after he bang my car..he immediately came down from his car and said sorry so many times..haih..feel kinda sad for..he will pay up everything.. thoughts..I think he was sleeping man!

My car..the damage in the picture is not this worse!

That guy'car..feel..I think his car condition..worse than mine!



magma3637 said...
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Geek @ Kedai.TV said...

Yeah..cost not much..other than the paintwork..RM500 will do it ....all in.

azrin @

desmondch said...

wow..dude..seems like you knows quite well about it..haha..=)

Yi Ling said...

wow. that other guy's car seems like it's in a worse state :X next time be more careful :D :D

desmondch said...

Yeah..his car is
sure do..=)

Teddy said...

at least he came out apologised n say wil pay, not come out shout n scold u ..hehehe

desmondch said...

haha..if he scolds me..he sure die..
I lodge police