Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chilling out Flo

The outing yesterday was Jean's shop..sorry for being late (although not really that late..can see everyone's like starving already) ..haha..was putting the blame on everyone..blame on Shaun cause he went football ,Felicia for waking up late..,traffic, erm..what somemore ?? wahaha!
anyway..the food was awesome! then...
even mineral water cost RM 11 + ....particularly..I'm shock! and the coke..I found it hard to finish it man! its like..every single sip you take cost you around 20 to 30 cents haha!
when the bill came...#%@!!
I feel kinda awkward when we was in the was like..
everyone single person is looking at our table..wth..I know la..kita semua budak bawah umur + our table bising! haha!

THe fashion show was okay for me..p.s - eh..can choose one ar ?? haha!
cut the crap..according to Feli's blog..THE PEANUTS MAKE U HIGH! yeap..totally agree on that..

oh yeah..we do camwhore...! although not as many as the gurls...

* Credits to Jasmine for this pool picture

- Cindy..I tak de sesat k..haha! -
-Okay..I'll stop here k..


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