Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Got A Manutd Jersey Sign by Ronaldo himself!

Yea..the tittle that speak itself..I just got a Manu Jersey Sign By Cristiano Ronaldo..
don't believe ?? here is it...don't ask me how I got it..
cause I will give you stupid reasons such as I met him or I have been selected to Manu trials..
nvm though..cut the crap...

It is a Genuine Autograph..means original la..

Oh ya..I also got tickets from the the Manu and Liverpool game..though end up losing 4 -1

And the Museum & Tour Center pass..
This is enough to proof that I have been to Old Trafford k...



AtelierGal said...


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Anonymous said...

wow great! =D
hope to be there one day.. haha..

desmondch said...

dun worry..u will hav ur chance to get there one day..