Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CNY Highlights~

7 days!!! 7 days I dint update my blog..
hell yeah..my traffic drop like ****...this means..no $$!! nuffnang nuffnang..haih~
and..can anyone tell me whats wrong with Blogexplosion ?? I can't access into it..
I wish that I could click on my ads every time..haha..
ok..so..this year..CNY...kinda different cause more visiting were done~
where should I begin ?
I'm lost!!

Pixs~Cute eh the dog...


Bamboo Hut~

Erm...Portueguese...and the VCoffee nice balls~


Carynn's house...



Xjion89 said...

oooo, the dog is super cute! haha, great gathering u hv thre!

Jasmine said...

sure la cute eh the dog..ceh ceh.i dam proud.

Anonymous said...

Cute dog!!

desmondch said...

xjion89..haha..thanks..yea..indeed..the cute damn cute..haha!

jasmine..eh leh..tak tau malu~

myblog..haha..another one..lol..thanks~